Scott Davis

I’ve posted before about how I converted this site to Jekyll and hosted it on Github Pages. I’m a huge fan of this and it was really exciting last year when they announced support for https with Github pages. But alas, this is for the urls, not custom domains.

A funny story about me is how I got into web development. It essentially boiled down to me learning, and then becoming obsessed with, making programs on my TI-83 Plus calculator in a BASIC-like language designed just for the calculator. This made it a perfect portable IDE for someone learning how to program. I made minesweeper, lights out, D-Star (with custom level editor, I might add), and a program to view fractals! Well, apparently I forgot

My whole life, I don’t think I had given this question too much thought. Despite being raised and confirmed Catholic, it was one of those things that just goes in one ear and comes out the other. Grace is to be graceful, elegant, smooth, whatever. That’s about as much as I knew or cared.

Being the lapsed Catholic that I am, it wasn’t until a couple decades later where I met my wife that I encountered this concept first hand, and no, it wasn’t with her. It was with her dad.

In the past, you would probably only really check if a website used https if you are purchasing something, or maybe if you were logging in. In the last few years, there has (rightly) been a large movement to better ensure privacy and security. Why not have every site and every page be encrypted? That’s a good question, and one Google has already answered for itself. Not only will Google start shaming websites that are not https, they will also give an SEO boost to those that are.

There’s a saying I’ve heard that involves developers and straight jackets. One might wear one and say “it’s so constricting, I can’t breathe or move!”, while another will wear the same one and say “Ohh, feels so warm and cozy!”. That’s static typed languages for you.

Anyone who has ever worked with a statically typed language like Java must feel so out of sorts in Javascript.