Scott Davis

In the past, you would probably only really check if a website used https if you are purchasing something, or maybe if you were logging in. In the last few years, there has (rightly) been a large movement to better ensure privacy and security. Why not have every site and every page be encrypted? That’s a good question, and one Google has already answered for itself. Not only will Google start shaming websites that are not https, they will also give an SEO boost to those that are.

There’s a saying I’ve heard that involves developers and straight jackets. One might wear one and say “it’s so constricting, I can’t breathe or move!”, while another will wear the same one and say “Ohh, feels so warm and cozy!”. That’s static typed languages for you.

Anyone who has ever worked with a statically typed language like Java must feel so out of sorts in Javascript.

Childhood Aspirations

Have you ever wanted to do something other than what you do now, that is, now that you’re grown up? I did, a few times actually. When I was much younger, helping animals sounded like a great and noble cause. I mean, I loved our dog, and I loved animals, so it was a match it seems. I even earned the Veterinary Medicine merit badge, so you knew I meant business. But it was during

Background (tldr, how I did it next section)

I first built my personal site over 10 years ago. I didn’t know much about web development then (even if I thought I did), so at first I stuck to what I knew most, flash. Those were the days, an entirely animated site. It may have been hell to maintain, and even to use sometimes, but they sure were fun to build.

After flash went out of style, very quickly, I just wanted a simple site but one where I could add content without having to add

I’ve been working on a project recently called, and I added memcached caching with Dalli. So I’m basically trying to cache anything and everything that can help our performance.

Normally, you will see guides and articles show you caching with an example like this:

def cached_images
  Rails.cache.fetch(['Articles', id, 'images', updated_at.to_i]) do

And while this now works, if I eager load an association, it will not