Scott Davis

When we started building EastMeetEast last August, Bootstrap 3 was still a release candidate. It didn’t seem to make very much sense to implement it on our production site when it may have bugs or be updated and changed frequently.

After just a few weeks of work, the official release of 3.0 came out. At that point, we were more concerned with getting the product up and out than now backtracking to

Heroku only uses Postres for databases. That’s fine, so you just need install it locally for developement. Well, you are probably pulling your hair out trying to install the pg gem on Mavericks. That’s because you can’t (as of yet anyway). The good news is there’s a quick and easy way.

Just install the Postgres App, then install the gem in terminal, pointing it to the new config file.

gem install pg -- --with-pg-config=/Applications/

Now, make

What Is A Flat File CMS?

…Says just about everyone… “It is kind of cool sounding.” “Is it related to flat design?” “Everything seems to be going flat these days.”

No, it’s not related at all to any flat design or flat anything else. A flat file CMS means that there is no database. Instead of retrieving content for a single page from a database, an actual html/php/text file is created with that content in

Deploying Your Site

There are several tools to help developers deploy changes to their site…that is if they manage their own server. With Rails, maybe the most popular gem is Capistrano. With it, all you do is type

cap deploy

into the terminal and hit enter. It sends only the files that have been updated since your latest Git commit. It’s fantastic and very easy